Self-Guided and Self-Catered Cabin Rental

Our three small lodges are perfect for self-guided winter ski groups. The lodges are very easy to operate with propane heat and stove, and solar light, radio, and charger. The lodges are comfortable, but not luxurious- which helps keeps the price down!

This area is rightfully famous with backcountry skiers. For starters, it has one of the most consistent snowfalls in BC. Add incredibly diverse and manageable terrain to the great snowpack, and you have a classic ski destination. Groups can ski around the cabins without big exposure, though there is plenty of larger features for more experienced skiers. All in all, this is a very user-friendly place, and that is why 80% of our winter clientele are return guests.

  • At Trophy the minimum rental period is 5  nights, except during the Christmas, New Year, Easter and Spring Break holidays, when it is 6.
  • At Discovery the minimum rental period is 5 nights.
  • The maximum group-size possible is 12.
  • All groups must be able to demonstrate appropriate backcountry expertise.

Winter 2021/22 Availability

Trophy Mountain Chalet and Discovery Cabin Availability

NEW OPENINGS!!!  We have had two groups cancel their bookings this winter.  Do you have a ski group ready to go?  Drop us an email!

Fight Meadow Chalet

Feb 9- 13                                         5 Nights 6 Days
Feb 14- 18                                     5 Nights 6 Days
March 1 – 5                                    5 Nights 6 Days
March 6- 11                                  6 Nights 7 Days

The area around the Fight Meadow Chalet has much gentler terrain that is great for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and family trips for groups of all ages and abilities. The perfect place to enjoy and incredible wilderness experience and make wonderful and lasting memories.  Once the dates listed fill- more dates in Fight will open.  

If you are booking as an individual or couple and need other dates, please call as groups do fluctuate during the season!


Trophy Cabin can be accessed by snowcat and then a 2-4 hour ski. You can also fly in and fly out OR fly in and ski out. The ski out requires good route finding skills and avalanche knowledge and training. The ski out will take between 2- 4 hours.

Discovery Cabin is accessed by helicopter. You can fly in and out or you can fly in and ski out. To ski out will take approximately 6 to 8 hours.The ski out requires good route finding skills and avalanche knowledge and training.

Fight Meadow Cabin – Fly in and fly out OR fly in and ski or snowshoe out. This requires good route finding abilities and avalanche knowledge and training. To ski out will take 6 to 8 hours.

If you would like to travel between cabins, we require you to hire a guide for the traverse. See Guided Trips.

2021/22 Winter Rental Costs:

 Trophy Mountain Chalet:$700/night for 8 people or less and $45/per/night thereafter up to 12
 Discovery Cabin: $700/night for 8 people or less and $45/per/night thereafter up to 12
Fight Meadow Cabin: $600/night for 10 people or less and $675/night for 11 to 12 people.
All prices are subject to Tax

Guided and Catered Trips

A guide can help to make sure that your group is getting the most out of the vast terrain around each cabin. Not having to worry about the logistics of food helps even more! Check out our Guided Trips page for more details.

Transportation Into and Out of Cabins

Snowcat – Trophy Only

Taking the snowcat 14km / 3200′ up the Spahats Valley to the trailhead at the start of the ascent to the Trophy Chalet costs $475  per trip with 8, $500/trip with 9-12 people.   The approach to the cabin then involves a climb on skins of some 1700′, and takes between two and four hours.


You can get a snowmobile assisted transfer to help with packs or snowboarders out of Trophy for $275.00


Helicopter access is available for any cabin, and is the only option for access  into the Discovery & Fight Meadow cabins.

The helicopter takes 4 people and gear per flight. Even if you are flying out, you should pack as though you may ski out. Do not pack multiple skis/boots etc. On the flight you can bring your ski gear, backpack, and two boxes of food (standard fruit or liquor box) per person. Weight limit in the chopper is 1100 lb or 275 lbs per person. We advise people to weigh themselves, their ski gear, and their food and mark down the weight. Write the weights on the boxes so it is easier to pack them into the chopper.

Beer and wine – please bring in canned beer and box wine.  We do not allow glass bottles to be left in the cabin as they are too bulky and heavy to fly out. 

The helicopter is chartered by the hour. Costs are as follows (ALL COSTS ARE FOR ONE WAY):

Group SizePer PersonPer Flight
Gear Flight- 1 person and gear to Trophy Cabin
8 (2 Flights)
$250 with 8 flying$1200 /Flight
$1000/ Flight
12 (3 Flights)$220 with 12 flying$880/    Flight
DOVETAILS – If you are flying in and another group is flying out, there will be a 25% discount on the overlapped flight.
All prices are subject to tax

It is possible to fly smaller numbers or freight-only, but costs will include ferry time from the Clearwater helipad at the hourly rate. We will confirm total costs at the time of booking.

Please note that it is possible to ski out from all the cabins, but that you must clear this with us before starting the trip, as the route is long and can involve some tricky navigational challenges, particularly in difficult conditions.