Cabin Contents and Equipment Lists for Winter Trips

Trophy, Discovery and Fight Cabins all have the following:


  • propane furnace which is turned on at Trophy and Discovery from Dec to April
  • solar and propane lights –(at times in long stormy weather, we can run out of solar power)
  • propane oven and stove – ¾ size oven
  • propane cedar sauna
  • one small inverter with a plug in for battery charging etc
  • small speakers to use with an MP3 or iPod
  • composting toilet system – the most environmentally friendly way to go
  • mattresses, duvets, pillows, blankets for 12
  • hut slippers (crocks) and rubber boots
  • you bring a sleeping bag liner and a pillow case (included in guided/catered trips)


  • fully loaded kitchen – includes, dishes, cutlery, towels etc.
  • lots of different coffee makers – drip/perc/press etc
  • spices, cooking oil, vinegar
  • all cleaning supplies that you will need (including paper towels and toilet paper)
  • plastic bags of all sizes
  • a few tools (bring your own repair kits)
  • some books, magazines and games


  • rescue sled
  • a base station radio with instructions

no first aid kit – please bring your own – (guides will carry one, but more is better)


  • Alpine Touring or Telemark skis – (a repair kit for your bindings is a good idea)
  • Touring or Tele ski boots that fit your bindings
  • Climbing skins that fit your skis
  • Avalanche beacon – digital is now the standard in the industry please do not bring an old beacon
  • Shovel and probe – (included on a guided/catered trip. Otherwise we rent them)


  • Repair kit, first aid kit, tarp or bivvy bag – not everyone in the group needs these items – (on a guided trip, the guide will have these, but bring them if you have them)
  • Backpack (45 litres or more) – better to have a bit extra room than not enough
  • Ski clothes – long underwear (top & bottom), warm tops (wool, down, fleece), ski pants (scholler or goretex), shell jacket
  • 2 pair gloves, 1 warm hat (wool), goggles, sunglasses, scarf
  • Extra socks
  • Chalet clothes (leggings and shirt or sweats and t shirt or similar)
  • Any personal gear needed, such as extra glasses, special medications, moleskin, etc.
  • Camera, water bottle, flashlight, towel, good small thermos
  •  Sleeping bag liner or sheets, pillow case -– (included on a guided/catered trip)