In 1987 Provincial Parks solicited bids from people interested in helping increase use in the seldom visited alpine areas on the southern border of Wells Gray Park.

The proposal put forward by Wells Gray Adventures for a low impact, well run hut system, was accepted. When the first huts were built in Wells Gray Park in 1988, the Trophy and Discovery cabins were in what was known as a `recreation area’. Mining interests kept these spectacular alpine meadows out of the park. In 1995 one of the first Land and Resource management plans was drafted and, due in part to the efforts of Wells Gray Adventures to bring people and attention to the area, it was included in the park. Today, Wells Gray Adventures operates under a park use permit. We pay a portion of our gross revenue to parks and help maintain parks trails and facilities in addition to contributing to other park stewardship projects.

The hut system was built to get more people into the spectacular backcountry of Wells Gray Park. A well-run hut system is considered to be the most environmentally friendly way to access the sensitive alpine regions. Our waste, water, and energy plan is well managed and we can continue to use the area around the hut with no appreciable impact. Your guides will help you to walk softly on the land, telling you which vegetation is most susceptible to a careless footstep, how to observe wildlife without disturbing it, and how to treat the sensitive water systems of the high alpine. Because our most important priority is the integrity of the land base, our facilities are comfortable, but not luxurious. There are no septic systems or running water. Still, we think you will find more than enough consideration for your comfort to make this holiday a very rewarding one.

Whether you hike, ski or canoe, join Wells Gray Adventures for an incredible outdoor adventure that you can feel good about.