Why Come With Us


You will be taking a trip with a company that has been running outdoor adventure trips for over twenty-five years. We will be happy to provide the names of previous guests from your area so you can talk to them about our trips.

Fair Prices

You will be getting the most fairly priced outdoor adventure that you will find in Canada. The prices include all of your great meals and snacks, knowledgeable guides, equipment on the canoe trip, chalet accommodation on your hiking trip, and transportation to and from Clearwater.  Whether hiking, skiing or canoeing, a better value than this is very difficult to find.

No Planning!

To get the sort of wilderness experience you will have here would take weeks of planning to do on your own. Give yourself a well-deserved break and enjoy a sunset in the mountains without having to worry about what is for supper!

Ecologically Sensitive Access

The hut-to-hut hiking system is run to minimize any impact your visit might have on these wild places. All of the waste, water, and energy is managed to the highest environmental standard. We think that you will agree that after twelve years of operation, the terrain around the hut system is still wild and untouched. We run our canoe trips in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible. Our guides will ensure that we impact the pristine environment as little as possible while you canoe on the most beautiful lakes that you have ever seen.

Great Guides

Your guides are highly qualified professionals, each with many years of experience as wilderness guides. Not only are they excellent leaders, they are also good cooks, competent naturalists, and fun to be with.

Wells Gray Park

We are the only hut system in a park in B.C., and Wells Gray Park is one of the best-kept secrets in Canada. It will amaze you with its wild beauty and diversity. The fact that this park encompasses a 1.5 million acre watershed and completely protects the Clearwater River basin makes it a unique ecosystem. Moreover, the area boasts the best alpine wildflower meadows that you will ever see.

Winter Snowpack

The Cariboo Mountain snow pack is famous throughout the world. Our base gets above 3 metres every winter and sometimes up to 5 meters. The snow tends to come in many small storm cycles which means more high quality powder is added on a consistent basis. This also creates a more stable snowpack.

For more information please call 1888 754 8735 or email info@skihike.com