Family Outdoor Vacations

Family Outdoor Vacations in Wells Gray Park

At Wells Gray Wilderness Adventures, your choices for a family holiday are limited only by your family’s desire and imagination. After looking over our information, choose one of the guided hiking or canoeing trips offered or tailor your own  adventure for 6 or more  family and friends.   Your kids will love the nature of Wells Gray Park.   Make the memory of a lifetime and call  Wells Gray Adventures for an outdoor wilderness vacation that will continue to inspire your kids as they grow

Many families prefer the six-day canoe or the three-day canoe and three-day hike combo. Canoeing is fun and not as physically demanding as hiking, so six days of canoeing is a great trip for families.

We stay at different camps along the way, all with beaches and forest walks, which the young people love. On the canoe hike combo, in addition to three days of canoeing, there is a three-day mountain walk into the alpine meadows of our Fight Meadow Chalet.

The hut-to-hut hike is a true wilderness. There are no trails between the buildings so you want to be sure of your child’s hiking abilities before coming. This is a great, challenging trip for the teen set. We have quite a few family groups who come through as high school graduation presents, as well as family groups with a teenager who is starting to branch off into other interests and the parents want a memorable experience as well as time for bonding.

All of the trips require parental discretion, and we trust a parent’s judgment. We have seen nine-year-olds that could paddle a whole day without a shrug, and some that probably wouldn’t go without a motor! The parents know best. We have no age restrictions for this reason. 

If there are five fully paid adults on the trip, we  offer a 25% discount for kids seventeen and under.  With more than five paying adults, perhaps two families together, we offer 30% off the kids. We are a family operated outdoor guiding company and we are committed to offering your family an outdoor adventure of a lifetime at an affordable price.

If you have any other questions about our operation or our capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us – we would be more than happy to help out!

For more information please call 1 888 754 8735 or email