Getting Here

Wells Gray Adventures is based in the small town of Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada.

By Car

From Kamloops:  Clearwater is about 1 1/2 hours from Kamloops. You drive north on the Yellowhead Highway #5.  It is 120 kilometers (km) or 93 miles to Clearwater along the lovely North Thompson River Valley. 
From Vancouver: Clearwater is about 5 hours north of Vancouver on the Coquihalla Highway #5.   The drive is  475 km or 295 miles.  It is a relatively new highway that cuts straight through the mountains. 
Alternate Route From Vancouver:   You can also take Hwy #1 through the Fraser Canyon as an alternate route.  This is a slower trip.  The route follows the historical gold trail into the interior of BC.  There are many historical stops along the way. The road however is windy, and in most places only two lanes, so if you decide to take this route,  leave yourself enough time to relax and enjoy it.   The route from Vancouver to Clearwater via Hwy 1 and the Fraser Canyon is 549 km or 341 miles. 
From Seattle. Clearwater is about a seven-hour drive. It is 365 miles or  587 kilometers. 
From Edmonton: It is about 7 hours to Clearwater. It is 425 miles or 683 km driving through Jasper.  
From Calgary:  If you are combining your Wells Gray Park Adventure with a car ride over the famous Icefields Parkway, then you will drive from Calgary through Banff, Lake Louise and up the Parkway to Jasper.  This trip covers some of the most beautiful views on earth and is 728 km or 452 miles.  

By Air

Kamloops, BC : The nearest airport is Kamloops, B.C.  From Kamloops, you will need to get a ride the 11/2 hr or 120km to Clearwater.  There are several options for this. First, you can rent a car at the Kamloops airport or in the town of Kamloops.  
Car rentals at the airport:
Carpooling: One of the most common ways to reach Clearwater is by carpooling with other trip participants.  If you need a ride, get a hold of us and we can connect you with other adventurers who are heading this way 
Train: We have had some folks take the train from Vancouver to Clearwater.  It is not the most common method mostly because it is a long ride- over 10 hours.  If you are interested in checking out this option, Via Rail runs the train and you can investigate further here:

 Kelowna, BC: Another air option is Kelowna.  Kelowna BC is a four-hour drive from Clearwater.  Sometimes the flights into BC, especially from Seattle, WA are more direct through Kelowna.  If you chose to go this route, you are almost certain to need a rental car, however.  It is an absolutely stunning drive and will be a nice addition to your holiday if you decide to do this. 
You can get started with a rental car from here:

By Bus

Commercial Bus: Currently there is no regular bus that goes through Clearwater.  You can get a bus to several towns that are close, for instance from Vancouver to Kamloops or from Calgary or Edmonton to Kamloops, but there are no buses through Clearwater.  Here is the link to the main bus service here in BC:

Local Government Sponsored Bus:  There is a bus that is run by the Thomson Nicola Regional district that travels between Kamloops and Clearwater.  It only runs Tuesdays and Thursdays, which means it is not really practical unless you are traveling at a very relaxed pace.  If you think this may suit you, the price is certainly right!  You can find more info here:

Other Useful Info

You will find that accommodation in Clearwater can be tight during July and August. If you are in need of pre and post accommodation for your trip, please book as soon as possible.