Canoe & Hike Combo Adventures

First, we drive to Clearwater Lake where we load up the canoes and paddle to a lovely beach camp. Here you can go fishing, hiking and swimming. The camp is gorgeous and the food is great; what more can you ask for?  No canoeing experience is needed as our guides are also instructors and all trip members will have the opportunity to perfect Canadian canoeing techniques. On the third day, we paddle back to the pickup, and after touring the famous Wells Gray waterfalls, we head for the lovely dinner waiting at our bed and breakfast accommodation.

The next morning, we hike into the high country to spend three days at a secluded mountain hut. You will never see more amazing alpine flower meadows than on 52 Ridge or a more beautiful view than the one from Battle Mountain. If three days is all you have, book just the canoeing or the hiking for a perfect break. The price includes transportation to the trailhead, food, guiding, accommodation and canoeing equipment.

6-day Canoe and Hike Combination Trips 2022 Updated March 3, 2022

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6 day Canoe and Hike Combination

$1675.00 +TAX

June 26 , July 10, 19, 24 August 7, 21 September 4

  • All prices include guide, accommodation, meals and transport to and from the trail-head from Clearwater.
  • With 5 fully paid adults on the trip, kids 17 and under are 20% off. Please call or write if you need a different date to fit one of these trips into your holiday. Group Discounts will apply for a group of ten people or more. Groups of six may choose a custom date that suits them better.

PLEASE NOTE— These trips can be booked as three day departures, You can choose to hike for three days, or canoe for three days. The first three days of these trip are the canoeing portion, the last three days are the hiking portion.

The price includes guiding services, canoeing / camping equipment and alpine cabin accommodation, all meals at the lake / in the mountains, one night accomodation, and transport to / from the lake and trailhead from Clearwater.

You will need to bring your own sleeping bag for the paddling section (it is also possible to rent these locally), and a good-quality backpack and suitable footwear for the hiking section.

Itinerary and Equipment Lists for Canoe and Hike Combo available upon request.

For more information or to make a booking please call 1 888 754 8735 or email

Canoe and Trek Combination (3 Day Hike and/or 3 Day Canoe) Itinerary

This trip combines the poetic beauty of wilderness canoeing with the excitement of a hut-to-hut  hike. You spend three days canoeing on Clearwater Lake and then return for dinner, the night and breakfast at a local accommodation. The next day you hike into the alpine regions of Wells Gray Park.Here you stay in a comfortable chalet that is situated in flower meadows and hike into the surrounding mountains.

If you have only three days to spare, you can do either the hiking or canoeing portion of this trip if you choose.

DAY 1 CANOE – After meeting at our office at 9:00 or a 9:15 to 9:30 am pickup at your accommodation, we will cover pre-trip information and sign liability waivers. We then have a scenic one-hour drive to Clearwater Lake and the trips starting point. You start with one and a half-hours of canoe instruction, and then paddle approximately three hours to a beautiful sandy beach campsite.

Day 2 CANOE – Today you get an early start on the lake and paddle up the western shore to the mouth of the Clearwater River. There is also an old trapper’s cabin hidden beside a lagoon that you can visit. We follow the afternoon sun and travel down the eastern shore past gorgeous creeks and beaches. Our guide will instruct you in various canoeing techniques.

Day 3 CANOE – After a big breakfast and coffee tea, or hot chocolate on the beach, you paddle back down the other side of the lake enjoying the quiet beauty of nature. You get to the vehicle and go to your accommodation for the night.

Day 4 HIKE – We pick you up at the accommodation and drive to the trailhead. From here the trail takes us through mature forests into the alpine meadows. Our chalet for the night is in the high mountains. The chalet is very comfortable with all necessities supplied so the packs are very light.

Day 5 HIKE – Venturing into the surrounding alpine areas around the chalet, today you will walk through some of the finest alpine flower meadows in the world. Your destination is top of Ptarmigan or Battle Mountain for incredible views of the surrounding area, and into the northern portion of Wells Gray. This area is pristine wilderness with fantastic views of the Cariboos, Monashees, and Rocky Mountains. The elusive Woodland Caribou is found in this area along with the Grizzly Bear.

Day 6 HIKE – From the Chalet, you hike through the western finger of Fight meadow following Battle Creek. This is a trip back into the lush forest of the valley. During this hike, you pass through four different vegetative zones as you descend and it makes for a fascinating hike. Keep an eye out for signs of wildlife. The hike takes us back to the guest ranch.

Canoeing Trip Equipment List

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Shoes for camp & Boat Shoes (flip flops or Teva type)
  • Shirt and pants- lightweight and sun proof
  • Quick drying shorts and shirt, and/or bathing suit

NOTE- We provide Dry bags

Hiking Trip Equipment List

  • Sheet & Pillowcase to make your bed with (or a sleeping bag liner is also good)
  • hiking boots (hut shoes are supplied in all of the buildings)
  • Shirt and Pants (light long sleeves and pants are a priority for bug protection)

 Equipment needed for Both

  • Good quality Rain Coat and Pants (with hat or hood)
  • warm wool or fleece coat (a layer that maintains warmth when wet)
  • socks, underwear, T-shirts
  • Sun hat, towel, water bottle, flashlight, camera, sun glasses
  • Personal Toiletries including personal medications, sun screen, insect repellent etc.
  • Pack which holds all personal equipment but leaves some room for 2-4 pounds of group food