Helicopter Information


The helicopter seats 4 people per flight. 

Gear Flight  $1200 / Flight
Two Flights (8 people)  $1000 / Flight
Three Flights (12 people)  $ 880 / Flight
Dovetails – if you are flying in and another group is flying out at the same time there is a 25% discount on every overlapped flight.

Gear flights: Gear flights are a single flight to transport gear into Trophy Cabin. Only one person should plan on going on a gear flight. This person will be well-masked and physically able to remove all the gear from the chopper in deep snow conditions.

The helicopter takes four people. Each person can bring: 1. Their backpack with all personal gear not exceeding 40 lbs. 2. Their ski gear 3. Two small boxes (fruit or liquor box) with food in it. If you follow these guide lines there should be some room for an extra box or alcohol for the group. The total weight allowed is 270 pounds per person. This includes the person’s weight!  Your allowed weight needs to be packed in smaller bags and boxes. These are easier to fit into the helicopter. Please, no heavy (over 40 lbs) duffles or backpacks which make moving around the chopper in deep snow a safety issue. Obviously lighter folks make up for heavier ones- use this as a guideline.

Gear Flights- With one person in the front, packs and small to medium sized boxes can be put in the passenger cabin. The back storage hatch of the chopper takes around five liquor boxes and a flatter fruit box or some squishy small duffels across the top of the boxes in the back. As long as your gear is packed efficiently in small to medium sized boxes with nothing above 40 libs you should be able to get about 750 pounds of gear on board.

If you go over this amount, and another flight becomes necessary, you will be charged for every extra flight.

These restrictions aren’t hard to meet if you are a bit careful.  As a suggestion, don’t carry jugs of juice or milk. Take powder or concentrate. Make sure you are carrying the portions that you need for you planned meals and not the whole bag. Decide on which skis you are going to use for your trip and only bring one set. If you have decided to have an extra set of skis for emergency use for your group, remember if the weather gets bad and you can not fly, skiing out is an option, do not bring gear you cannot carry or are not willing to leave behind. 

* Do not plan on packing your boxes at the helicopter site. Please pack all of your gear ahead of time– loose items such as bags and clothing are not safe on the helipad.
* Do not attach items like helmets or ice axes to the outside of your packs– this makes them hard to load.
* Please have everything taped and ready to go– flying is time sensitive and we do not want to miss a heli-window waiting for groups to get their gear together. PLEASE BE COMPLETLEY READY TO GO BY THE MEETING TIME ARRANGED. 

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to call us at 1888 SKI TREK.