Helicopter Information

Packing Guidelines & Weight Restrictions

Even if you are flying out, you should pack as though you may ski out. Do not pack multiple skis/boots etc.

The helicopter is a Long Ranger and takes 4 people and gear. Weight limit in the chopper is 1200 lb or 300 lbs per person, and this includes the person's weight! On the flight you can bring two fruit or liquor boxes of food per person plus three or four extra per group, your backpack, and your ski equipment. We advise people to weigh themselves, their ski gear and food and mark down the weights. Write the weight on all of the boxes that are flying and then it is easier to pack the chopper. It is also much easier to pack the chopper if everything is packed in smaller bags and boxes.

Pack all of your gear well as loose items such as bags and clothing are not safe on the helicopter pad.

If you go over the weight limit and another flight becomes necessary, you will be charged for any extra flights. These restrictions are not so hard to meet if you are a bit careful. As a suggestion, don’t carry jugs of juice or milk. Take powder or concentrate. Make sure you are carrying the portions that you need for you planned meals and not the whole bag. Decide on which skis you are going to use for your trip and only bring one set.

If you follow these guidelines, there will be a bit of room for extras such as beer or wine. Just please bring in canned beer and boxed wine as we fly out all of the empties at the end of the season and glass is hard to deal with. 


The helicopter is chartered by the hour. Costs are as follows (ALL COSTS ARE FOR ONE WAY):

Group Size Per Person Per Flight
 8 (2 Flights)  $250 with 8 flying $ 1000.00/ Flight
12 (3 Flights)  $220 with 12 flying  $880.00/ Flight

DOVETAILS - At the time of booking we will offer you dates when other groups will be flying into other cabins to help minimize the cost for smaller groups.  Any in and out flights that are overlapped, (eg. one flight flying into Discovery Cabin dropping skiers off and then picking up skiers to come out on the return flight) will be discounted by 30% lowering the overall price for your group.

We will charge for the helicopter flights on the flight day. Please note that all prices are subject to 5% GST.

Gear Flights and Single Flights

With less than two flights the ferry time has to be compensated. For this reason, a single flight with gear, food or people flies by the hour and MAY cost more than the contract rate. Discovery is usually a 0.6 hour flight which is  $1200 + GST, Trophy is usually a bit shorter, and Fight generally takes a little longer. Though, the cost may go up depending on the weather or other factors.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to call us at 1888 SKI TREK.
Toll-free 1 888 SKI TREK (888 754 8735)