Summer 2020 Booking Policies

FROM JULY 2020 until further guidelines are released by the Government of British Columbia this is Wells Gray Adventures interim booking policy.

Hut to Hut hiking trips


We are open for hut to hut or single hut hiking trips and we would love to see you. Because we cannot provide consistent social distancing in the mountain Chalets, we are accepting bookings from groups who are in the same social `bubble’.  Your bubble includes members of your immediate household. Currently BC allows one family `bubble’ to interact with other trusted family ‘bubbles’. These are the groups that Wells Gray Adventures will book for new outdoor adventure trips in Wells Gray Park for July of 2020. 

We are so very sorry, but until the government moves to a broader reopening, we will not be operating add-on or FIT (Free independent Traveler) trips.  For now, people travelling in `social bubbles’ must be from Canada. 

You need a minimum of 6 adults, or be prepared to pay for six adults, when planning a private group trip for your social bubble. Again, we are very sorry, but we cannot take smaller family groups at our regular prices.

You will be required to sign a waiver that includes releasing us from liability if you contract Covid-19 or another sickness. You can find the waiver here.

No guests who arrive with any of the symptoms below will be taken into the mountains.

  * Coughing  Sneezing  Runny nose  Sore throat  Fatigue

Our guides will socially isolate prior to going out on a trip to ensure that they do not have anything transmittable prior to departure.

Guests must be aware that while common sense practices will continue such as:

  Regular hand washing  Avoiding touching your face  Covering coughs and sneezes  Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces  Etc.

… meaningful social distancing is not truly practical in the cabins. If a member of your family group starts exhibiting symptoms they will be evacuated immediately.

Canoe Adventures on Clearwater and Azure Lakes-

Because of the completely outdoor nature of these trips and the fact that the accommodation is in tents, we can accommodate new guided canoe bookings in Wells Gray Park.  On the marine we can provide meaningful social distancing and would love to show you the beautiful Clearwater and Azure Lakes. 

Toll-free 1 888 SKI TREK (888 754 8735)