September 1st, 2014    20% off our normal pricing! 3 Day Canoe trip.  

What a gorgeous time of year to go canoeing!  The sun is warm, the air is cool, the beaches are beautiful.  We could sure use a few more paddlers fro this trip, so take 20%  (yes 20!)  off the normal price.   Pack your gear, grab some water sandals and let's go!

First, we drive to Clearwater Lake where we load up the canoes and paddle to a lovely beach camp. Here you can go fishing, hiking and swimming. The camp is gorgeous and the food is great; what more can you ask for? On the third day, we paddle back to the pickup, and after touring the famous Wells Gray waterfalls, we head for the lovely dinner waiting at our bed and breakfast accommodation.

. The price includes transportation to the dock, food, guiding, and canoeing equipment.

September 7th, 2014       25% off our normal pricing!  7 Day Hike 

One of BC's Best Hikes!  Hut to Hut hike in the alpine wilderness of Wells Gray Provincial Park.   Have you always wanted to do the Wells Gray Traverse?  Now is the time.  Warm days, cool nights, no bugs!!  Hike 7 days through the Cariboo Mountains of Wells Gray Provincial Park and stay in a comfortable cabin each night. This hike has it all; beautiful peaks, old growth forests, high mountain lakes, and rolling alpine meadows. This trip remains will be one of the best hiking  experiences you will ever have!

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