June 23, 2014    20% off our normal pricing! 3 Day Canoe trip.  

What a gorgeous time of year to go canoeing!  The sun is warm, the air is cool, and there is still snow on the distant peaks.    Our normal price for this trip is     but we could sure use a few more paddlers, so take 20%  (yes 20!)  off the price of the trip!  Pack you gear, grab some water sandals and let's go!

First, we drive to Clearwater Lake where we load up the canoes and paddle to a lovely beach camp. Here you can go fishing, hiking and swimming. The camp is gorgeous and the food is great; what more can you ask for? On the third day, we paddle back to the pickup, and after touring the famous Wells Gray waterfalls, we head for the lovely dinner waiting at our bed and breakfast accommodation.

The next morning, we hike into the high country to spend three days at a secluded mountain hut. You will never see more amazing alpine flower meadows than on 52 Ridge or a more beautiful view than the one from Battle Mountain. If three days is all you have, book just the canoeing or the hiking for a perfect break. The price includes transportation to the trailhead, food, guiding, accommodation and canoeing equipment.

June 26, 2014    20% off our normal pricing!  3 Day Hiking trip.

3 Day Fight Meadow Chalet Hiking Itinerary

For more information call 1888 754 8735 or email info@skihike.com

Day 1: We will meet you in the morning at your accommodation, between 9:00 and 9:30AM, or at the Wells Gray Adventures office at 9:00 am. After introductions, we drive about an hour up the Wells Gray Park road, which accesses the Fight Meadow trailhead at 1400 m (4500 ft). The first forty five minutes of the trail is uphill and after reaching the Philip Lake, a pretty mountain lake on the edge of the Alpine plateau, you will have gained most of your elevation for the day, about 250 m (800 ft). At Philip Lake you will stop to enjoy the scenery and have a snack. Now the trail is a gentle uphill grade through forest and then into the vast meadow system of Cariboo and Fight Meadows. It will take between three and four hours to hike through the meadows and forests to reach Fight Meadow Chalet at 6300-ft (1920 m). There is a large lake near the chalet, which is a historic site where two Indian Tribes fought for Caribou hunting rights. Today's hike is 10 km. and it takes 4-5 hours of easy walking.

Day 2: Today you climb Battle Mountain. From the Chalet we hike across 52 Ridge, which is really a thuya, the name given for the landform created when a volcano erupts under glacial ice. As we walk this ridge, we can still see the craters created when the hot lava met the cold ice. Form 52 Ridge we drop into Bull Valley where we are treated to an incredible vision as all the colours of this spectacular wildflower meadow blend and separate as far as the eye can see. From the valley we hike up Battle Mountain. On top of Battle, one can see into the far north of the park. The Monashees, the Cariboos, the Premieres, and the Rockies are also visible from this incredible vantage point. We return to Fight Meadow Chalet via a different route. The return trip is six hours.

Day 3: You hike out to the vehicle via Battle Creek. This takes you off the high plateau and down into the Clearwater River valley. After four hours of downhill hiking through four different vegetative zones, you lose over 1200 m and cover about 9 km ( 5 1/2 miles) to arrive back at the trailhead.

July  6, 2014       20% off our normal pricing!  5 Day Hike 

One of BC's Best Hikes!  Hut to Hut hike in the alpine wilderness of Wells Gray Provincial Park.   Hike 3, 5 or 7 days through the Cariboo Mountains of Wells Gray Provincial Park and stay in a comfortable cabin each night. This hike has it all; beautiful peaks, old growth forests, high mountain lakes, and rolling alpine meadows covered with wildflowers. This trip remains will be one of the best hiking  experiences you will ever have! If you have a group we will offer custom dates and prices.

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